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Book) Walking and the Amazing Mystery of the Human Body


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* Understanding the human body structure for walking!

* Even Sbones who values foot health!

Author Hong Jae-hwa imports and exports various shoes under the brand 'Vibami'. We consider it our mission to research, develop, and commercialize shoes that will protect the feet of our customers. The author is not bound by the marketing maxim of not going against the market. The so-called barefoot shoes that give a feeling of wearing like bare feet, and the earthing shoes that apply earthing theory are the products of such creativity. It was different from general sneakers that put a cushion on the sole, but the demand for the author's Vibami shoes is increasing.

In this book, the author has learned and learned about feet in an easy-to-understand way. It tells you in detail about comfortable shoes while maintaining the exercise efficiency of your feet. And pay attention to KSNS, which values foot health as the basis of natural healing. Sbonsdo is an alternative medicine that helps you heal yourself after seeing the disease yourself. This book will be a walking guide to help healthy longevity by examining ergonomically the movements of the musculoskeletal system necessary for walking based on the Sbones diagram.
About the artist: Hong Jae-hwa, president of Bivamy

After graduating from the Department of Trade at Chung-Ang University, he joined the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and worked at the Panama Trade Center before establishing and operating a trading company. He ran a Naver trade cafe, wrote a number of trade books, and gave trade lectures. Currently, it imports and exports shoes under the brand 'Bibami'.

His books include 《Walking and the Amazing Mystery of the Human Body》, 《Trade Practical Marketing that can be used immediately in the field》 (co-authored), 《First Steps in Overseas Trade》, 《Expo and Marketing》, 《Trade & Offer Award Randomly Following》, 《Hong There are many such as Reading the President's Book, 《Stealing the CEO's Study Book》, 《How does the Global Economy Work?》.
Preface Why do humans start walking again at this time?

Chapter 1 Why Walk?
changes in the body
Changes in perception of walking
A good fatalistic reason to walk
A new trend in walking, barefoot walking
Good social reasons to walk
Good medical reasons to walk
Spiritual luxury consumption - the spiritualization of walking
Changes in walking environment
Walking and Changes in the Economic Environment

Chapter 2 Walking and Human Body Structure
KSNS and unconscious nerves
Mechanics of walking and swaying
Walking - the role of bones and muscles
Walking - a constant imbalance towards balance
Disease identification of KSNS
walking sensor, toe
The beginning and basis of walking, feet
foot reflexology and shoes
ankle movement
Upper and lower body joints, knees
The miracle of human body mechanics, the hip joint
The dynamics of weak but strong spinal curves
Walking and blood circulation - soles and calves
Cervical vertebrae and head: motionless weight - head

Chapter 3 Walking and Shoes
Fashion and authority, dress shoes
The beginning of all shoes, everyday life
walking and medical shoes
Characteristics of earthing shoes
good shoes for walking
shoes, shock absorbers and cushions
Foot width of shoes - the crossroads between sophistication and disease
The choice of waddling slenderness and straight naturalness - heels of shoes

How to make walking a habit
Publisher's review

* A guide that tells you why and how to walk!
* People who walk well wear shoes like this!

Books related to walking are common, and there are many books that emphasize foot health. However, health books that cover not only medical approaches but also shoes are rare. In addition, today, when walking as a leisure activity, such as barefoot walking communities and Olle trails, is active, this book is special in that it provides humanistic insight into the business for walking.

A compilation of theories and practical knowledge of walking, from awareness of walking and changes in the environment, various reasons for walking, bones and muscles that work for walking, foot reflexology, and cushioning of good shoes for walking, foot width and heel. It is a book. So, this book will be a kind guide for anyone, young or old, who wants to walk healthy for a long time without hurting their feet.

* Cover all 4 shoe theories!
* Walking and the human body through Sbones Road!

You can fully enjoy the grounding effect claimed in Earthing Theory only when you wear shoes with minimal functionality close to bare feet or walk barefoot. The grounding effect means that various materials on the ground press each reflex area of the sole, and this natural acupressure is also the secret to health emphasized by Sbonsdo. In short, this book covers four shoe theories: barefoot walking, sbons, earthing, and shoe minimalism.

In 'Chapter 1 Why Walk?', the reason for walking is widely considered. As transportation has developed, mankind has evolved in a direction where there is no need to walk. Nevertheless, the walking culture is rather spreading, from small walks to the Santiago pilgrimage route. This book sheds light on the causes from various medical, social, and economic perspectives.

In 'Chapter 2 Walking and Human Body Structure', various parts of the human body are analyzed using Sbonsdo as a magnifying glass. In Sbondo, the basis of body balance is the sole of the foot, and among them, the activation of the nerves spread in the toes is assumed as the starting point of natural healing power. So, the Sbones diagram is very good at explaining how the feet, ankles, knees, hip joints, spine, calves, cervical vertebrae, and head are affected when walking.
'Chapter 3 Walking and Shoes' outlines the characteristics of dress shoes, everyday shoes, medical shoes, and earthing shoes. And it refutes the conventional wisdom that shoes should be cushioned. In fact, the cushion does not reduce the impact force itself applied to the joint, but only reduces the sensation of impact. It also tells you that good shoes for walking should have a wide toe box and almost no heel.
기본정보 ISBN 9788961413114 ( 8961413112 )
발행(출시)일자 2023년 02월 17일
쪽수 244쪽
149 * 211 * 20 mm / 497 g
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