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Wide Zero Drop Leather Shoes Formal Shoes


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Revive me! energize me!

1. Thin, soft sole brings back sensation to your feet.

2. Big sizes up to 288mm and 293mm are available.

3. The sole is made of raw rubber, and the thickness of 7-8mm maximizes the feeling of stepping on the ground.

4. By implementing a zero-drop shape, it enables natural walking as if walking barefoot.

5. Based on 260mm, it weighs 252 grams and is as light as a bird's feather.

Come on, let's talk about Footmax shoes.

shoes product image-S2L1
As you know, Footmax started with barefoot walking shoes.
Many people liked our wide black and melange black.

By the way
More and more people are asking me to make shoes for them.

At first I thought it was a joke, but it didn't take long to realize that it was serious.

I started looking for a way. And I met one. I've only been in shoes for over 40 years.
I've only worn barefoot shoes for about 15 years. I have been using KSNS shoes for 3 years. If you do socks, it will be 20 years.
Together, the two will be nearly 60 years old.
I don't mean to say it's old-fashioned, but it's a mixture of the know-how that we've learned and learned over the years.

When we met, I thought the shoes would come out right away.
However, it was only after three seasons that the first work came out.
발볼넓은구두 제로드롭구두 베어풋 무지외반증구두 지간신경종구두
발볼넓은구두 무지외반증구두 ksns 스본스도 베어풋
This one is called Plain Black.

It literally means plain and black.
Model ㅣ W-PL-Black
(287, 293mm are made upon order, and it takes about a week.

shoes oatmeal color image-S1L4
This guy is called Plain Brown.

It means plain and brown.
Model ㅣ W-PL-Brown
(287, 293mm are made upon order, and it takes about a week.

Plain is the style name for the shoe. It will be the basic model of our Footmax shoes in the future.
shoes brown color image-S1L5
This guy is lace brown. Made only 233 - 261mm in women's size.

Model ㅣ W-LA-Brown
shoes grey color image-S2L2
This one is lace black. Made only up to 233 - 254mm in women's size

It looks a little unusual, but the shoemaker specially made it because it has several advantages.
It is easy to put on and take off, and the height of the instep can be adjusted by adjusting the straps.

These shoes are characterized by a 7-8mm thick zero-drop shoe made of raw rubber.
The height of the entire sole of the shoe is the same, and the toe spring is minimized.

As you walk, you can feel the unevenness of the sidewalk blocks and the small gravel of the dirt road.
The instep and the width of the toe area have also been given enough space.

However, the reason why it does not look big is because the dead space inside and outside the shoe is minimized.
It weighs about 250 grams based on 260 mm.

You can taste a lot of comfort and stability that you can't feel in other shoes.
Of course, it is also good for your health.

We look forward to your much love.

thank you

Footmax Dream

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Product Details
Product Name Wide Zero Drop Leather Shoes Formal Shoes
Manufacturer 비바미
Origin Republic of Korea
Retail Price $130.00
Price $130.00 113.42
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Product Code P00000FK
수량 수량증가수량감소
Material(s) rubber, leather



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