wide feet barefoot white gray
제로드롭, 베어풋, 수행화, 맨발신발, 비바미,발볼넓은운동화, 볼넓은운동화, 스님신발,무지외반증신발,무지외반증운동화,지간신경종운동화,족적근막염운동화
wide white gray

The ball of the foot is wide, as well as the high foot.
wide white gray

A canvas shoe that goes well with any outfit.

Newly made white soles.

The overall feeling of coolness and agility is emphasized by using bright colors.

It also minimizes contact between the instep and the shoe.

Designed for comfortable walking.
This is a zero-drop of Footmax shoes.

It is the same height from the back of the foot to the toes.

3mm thick soft soles

It is a barefoot shoe that preserves the efficiency of the foot structure and ergonomic efficiency.

Whether walking in the city, walking around the perimeter, or walking in the mountains

You can comfortably step on your feet and enjoy the sensation of the soles of your feet.
발볼넓은운동화, 발볼넓은구두,무지외반증신발,무지외반증구두,무지외반증운동화,베어풋,제로드롭,수행화, 스님신발,비바미,스본스도
vibami wide shoes

Top grain, gray black, gray white, melange blue, wide white, melange black

And it's made in wide black.