shoes grey color image-S1L1
Let me introduce you to 2cm artisan shoes in gray.

Why is it 2cm?
As you know, all of our Vivami shoes don't have heels.
But making a little bit of a hoop has a bit of an experimental meaning.

shoes charcoal color image-S1L3
There are a lot of people who are upset that there aren't any.
I'm a modern man who always wears shoes with heels.
But the higher the heel, the more the body tilts forward and the level of the body collapses.

shoes grey color image-S1L6
Moderately high.
Moderately low.
Moderately supportive height,
shoes grey color image-S1L9
The ball of your feet, too.
It's moderately wide.
It's moderately high.
So, I wanted to make it look like I'm not wearing any.
I wanted to make just that much shoes.
shoes grey color image-S1L11
Can you see it?
That's about it.
To make this...
My shoes. Socks business for more than 20 years.
It contains more than 40 years of the shoe maker.
shoes grey color image-S1L13
I didn't make enough.
It took two years to invent and make these shoes.

Walking barefoot.
It feels like I'm wearing decent shoes.
The feeling that the soles of my feet are on my body,
The feeling that my toes support my entire body movement,
I worked hard to get that feeling.